About us

Raldh Cosmetics is a Mexican brand created by three sisters. Its main goal is the desire to highlight your inner beauty, your individuality and to create awareness about your environment. Raldh Cosmetic follows all protection and animal care policies, which allows us to place ourselves as a vanguard company on the fight against testing and animal use in the cosmetic market.
Since its foundation,Raldh Cosmetics has decided not to acquire commitments or to link up with companies or suppliers that may have engaged in practices of abuse and use of animals during the making of their products. Raldh Cosmetics will not consent neither today nor in its future, any kind of commercial agreements or negotiations with companies that fosters animal cruelty.

We are proud to offer our 100% veganos products, not only for you to look radiant on the outside, but also on the inside, supporting this Lifestyle: More emphatic, more conscious, more Raldh.
thank you for making a diference.